Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Summer is flying by in the blink of any eye!
The kiddos are growing up so fast....
it's hard to keep up, much less catch up!
but we wouldn't have it any other way!!
This is a preview of Brecken's latest sleeping habits:
he's graduated to his big boy bed and more
often than not sleeps in his own bed the whole
night through.
Although when mommy works at night, he tries
his best to cuddle up to daddy at night and I can't
blame Brian for turning down that nightly request
from Brecken to "cuddle me please, just for a little bit"
which inevitably turns into the rest of the night:)
However, this phase of Brecken taking GREAT care
of his babies is endearing but rather
obnoxious during the middle of the night because if Brecken
goes ANYwhere, his 9 babies MUST come with him...
EVERYwhere he goes! It usually means 2 trips to get him
and his babies tucked back in for he night;)


This little bruiser officially got her first war wound!
She fell out of the camper door, onto some steel steps....
but survived with this rough and tough scar to boot!
She rough houses her brother
(and enjoys taunting and instigating!)
But yet she has this sweet innocent look to cover up
her naughty side!

These boys make great sleeping buddies,
I'm not sure which one passed out first;)
All I know for sure is they both are capable of
sleeping just about anywhere!

This is my adorably cute Mr. Magoo!
Who is OBSESSIVE about kitties these days.

This little guy turned the BIG 3!
And overnight decided he was ready to
be a big boy indeed,
ever since June 12 he woke up and declared
he was going to wear his big boy panties today...
I sent an extra outfit and pair of underwear to
daycare with him that day and much to my
surprise we haven't needed them yet!
He's fully potty trained and proud of it!


 We've spent just about every weekend since April
our home not too far away from home....
the kids love feeding the animals,

riding bikes/trikes/scooters....
(especially down hills:)
and water sports such as slip/slide, sprinklers,
water balloons, etc.
many friends (old and new) to share our
fun memories with at Kamp Dels!

walks to the parks....

both kids sleep well at the camper,
typically in their own bunks....
but on this special occassion (Father's day!)
these two slept in....
like father, like daughter!
And who couldn't cherish
little moments like this....
sleeping angel!

this is our excited expression when we
got the good news that our old camper
sold and our new neighbors were going
to be our friends/family

Speaking of the Anderson's:
here's little Jordyn now giving Kallyn a ride.
These kids sure have a wild time together,
So exciting to watch them grow and play together!
More likely scenario:
Kallyn trying to push Jordyn off so she could
take a turn ;)

Mom and Dad may just have
more fun than the kids at Kamp Dels...
but we won't let them in on that
little secret!

So many great family memories
have already unfolded at Kamp Dels,
we absolutely just love it here and LOVE
having visitors to share it with so stop by
anytime you're in our neck of the woods!
Back home we keep busy too....
the kids like to play on the swingset and outside
when the mosquitos aren't unbearable,
Brecken's latest obsession is diecast trains...
I got on board with this obsession to aide as an
incentive to get him to continue to go poop on the potty
and we've since acquired 100+ trains:)
They like to go visiting various friends/family when I pick them
up from daycare-

lately their favorite place to visit is Grandma Patty Gibbs
where they like to test drive all the big tractors!
Kallyn is also excited about trains and machinery,
following in her brother's footsteps and her latest
vocabulary has expanded to include "bobcat"
every time we spot one!
We have indulged in our kids and certainly enjoy
allowing them to entertain us as the days quickly pass by!
Work has also kept both Brian and I busy as well
which I suppose is a good thing too!
We feel very blessed for all the love we have in our lives....

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hopping Along!

Brecken's first experience at Tokyo, hibachi grill....
he was actually a lot more on the scared side
than the excited side and didn't particularly
enjoy the entertaining atmosphere!

Our healthy, growing girl-
she's a great eater!
Eat's just about anything you let her....
sauerkraut & pickled heart
are two examples that make mom's
stomach turn:(


11 months old

and full of energy and attitude!

This handsome stud loves getting his haircut....
he let's me know when its grown out too long-
"mom, I've got crazy hair!"
Then off to the salon we go!

the "B" boys!
Blake, Brett, Bennett, and Brecken.
LOVE the entertainment they provide;)

my sassy lil cowgirl'

......taking after her dad.....

kisses for the camera!

still maintaining her reputation
of the happy, smiley girl!

12 how a year flies:(

Initially I thought she just was as sad as
I was about her turning ONE!!
She was not her typical happy-go-lucky
self on her special day......

a bit moody and detesting....
unfortunately the evening revealed fever, cough,
runny nose, and the real reason for her
poor mood.
But she had a HAPPY birthday nonetheless!


my adorable valentines!


this is my pouty face....
too stinking cute!

I like to wear my supper
and save some for later!

She likes to drive anything she can climb on too,
just like her big brother!

Ready to rev it up and ride!

Happy 94th b-day GREAT grandma Marti!

Sister look-a-likes

So excited to drive to Grandpa Kuehn's...
this is what I get when I say
"rest your eyes for a bit and when
you wake up we'll be there"
-are we there yet?!

This little girl couldn't be happier that
spring finally decided to ride,
and in particular enjoys her swing!

Brecken is very excited to
 finally be able to
play at "his park"

the lookout scouts!
he rides like uncle putz,
sure hope he can fix things like uncle putz too!
she's can't handle not being in control!
typical girl;)

there's that healthy appetite again!


our timid little egg hunter,
he likes to go at his own pace!


Look out, crazy driver on the loose!


Family photo + grandpa!
Kallyn will NOT allow Grandpa Kuehn
out of reach, ATTACHED!

Kallyn modeling a dress and peacoat
that GREAT grandma Kuehn made!

he looks the part, right?!