Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ALWAYS something to be THANKFUL for!

Well this "little miss" as I now call
my baby sister Kallyn is really on the go.
In no time at all she went from crawling,
to pulling herself up, to climbing stairs...
She chases me around with her little
frog- hop crawl but soon she'll
be running after me!


Mommy had one thing on her x-mas
list this year (well really, for the past 2 yrs!)
and daddy decided to deliver....
PILLARS for the house, FINALLY!
They still need to be painted but
this is one huge improvement!

Mommy and daddy had their first overnight
date away from baby Kallyn:

Food for thought....
I'm an "ok" eater:
I really like noodles, chicken nuggets,
waffles, cereal aka marshmallows,
and even some big boy food
like steak and pork!

Still a card at 9 months,
keep the smiles coming:)

Kallyn likes to put everything in her mouth....

she's finally catching on to this "real food"
thing and taking an interest in
feeding herself....

and then I introduced her to
Man, she didn't know what she
was missing out on until she got
her dirty little paws on my cookie!

I'm a good big brother though and share:
I eat the creamy center and save the
chocolatey gooey - ness
for her!

Don't let this picture fill you full of sh**
I am TRYING to potty train
with a 10% success rate!
And the 10% is usually only when
treats/rewards are involved;)
Some day I'll conform to the
big boy world!

love my sister!

Mom relishing in the moments....

Trucks, Tractors, and Trains
are still my favorite by far!

Cousin Love!

Christmas came a few weeks early at the
Beer house....Daddy couldn't bear
to be outdone by Santa Claus;)
A combine and snowmobile,
all a 2.5 yr old boy could want and more!

The best part of the
is spending time with
the GREAT's!


I particularly enjoyed playing
in the snow and sledding with
my cousins at Grandpa Kuehns!

And Kallyn as you can see
is sharing mommy's love
of Aunt Cindy's special K bars....
the K stands for Kallyn, right?!

tribute to "movember"
or just another daddy look-a-like
in the making!

Lots of love,
Brecken and Kallyn

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fast-Foward to FALL.....

My oh my,
life just keeps passing us by....
the days come and go so quickly
and it's all mom can do to get a few
pictures of us as we're changing so FAST!

I really enjoyed the fairs once again this summer....
I liked the animals and despite the somber look on my face
I REALLY did enjoy the rides.... in fact I'm not good at
outwardly SHOWING my excitement. I take it all in with
a straight, grim face and when the fun is all over then I cry
for more or talk incessantly for days about the fun events
I've recently experienced!
Love the helicopter ride best!
but how could I forget about the tractors?!
Real or pretend.....tractors are always a favorite of mine!!

I got mom all worked up, due to my past track record of enjoying
rides at the fair she decided to buy the unlimited wristband....
to her dismay I SCREAMED on the first ride they put me on and
mommy reluctantly tried to get a refund as she obviously was convinced
I wasn't going to have anything to do with the rides.
Of coarse there was "no refunds" so mom did her best to bribe me
into riding on the rides....well-- 2 hours later of repetitive carnival kid rides,
half accompanied by mom and dad made mother satisfied that
INDEED, we got our money's worth;)

Now Kallyn, she's my opposite.
She OUTWARDLY shows her excitement,
in fact- she smiles and laughs at just about
Her smile illuminates the room,
she is SUCH a HAPPY baby:)

You see- Kallyn and I have gotten to be pretty good buddies....
she's accustomed to my rough and tough ways,
and I have learned to tolerate a little hair pulling and drool!
My favorite name for her is "baby girl"
but I'm also getting the hang of referring to
her as my "sister"!

Love any machinery really, backhoes- dump trucks- bobcats- skidsteers,
I can identify them all, in fact sometimes mommy has to ask me
what they are because she doesn't even know!
I could watch any of those diggers at work for hours....
and if we pass one by parked at a job site I
INSIST that we must stop to observe!

Here's our latest purchase: a seasonal camper
at KAMP DELS in Waterville, MN

Mom and dad were adamant to find ways to spend some
quality FAMILY time together and we certainly found it.
We bought this camper around Labor Day and have been there
It's nice because it's so close to home (only 20 min)
so on the busy weekends filled with events we can enjoy
the best of both worlds.
Dad really feels like he's on vacation when we're here--
he gets to do some of his favorite things like grill, drink beer, and
play with us!
Come Monday he's already yearning for Friday so we can head back to the camper!!
It's going to be really sad to winterize and say goodbye until springtime but
at least we have LOTS to look forward to!

Kamp Dels has LOTS to entertain us with:
3 kid friendly parks, a water park, pool, lake, petting zoo, mini golf....
I love to ride my bike and the neighbors are friendly with LOTS of kids
to play with. We absolutely LOVE it!
Best move we've made, hands down:)
Please feel free to come visit us anytime,
you're sure to find us here every weekend starting April thru October!

I've given my cribby up to Kallyn and upgraded to
"my big boy bed"....
the transition overall went better than expected although
I've recently decided I like to wake up and wander to the couch
or hallway floor, wherever I land first:)
It's not unusual for mom or dad to trip over me cuddled up in the hallway
with my nani (blankey! which I still am inseperable from!!)
And whether or not I sleep through the night is randomized,
most nights when Kallyn decides to sleep good I make up for it by getting up a couple times,
and when I decide to give a nice long stretch then Kallyn is typically hungry a few times that night;)
and when Dad's on duty we ALL sleep through the night......
hmmmm, funny how that works?

Still love tractor rides and talk lots about
grandma and grandpa KUEHN! aka
gma and gpa "Teen"

Last time we visited home mommy caught great gpa
showing great gma  a little LOVE:)
Perfect moment captured on camera....
and the perfect depiction of these two
amazing people:)

My favorite treat is frozen go-gurt.....
I'll always finish this treat even if I have to
take a break in between bites;)

There's that happy girl again!!
I bet your smiling just looking at her!

It's that time of the year-
fall, pumpkins, and soon
I'll be preparing Kallyn for
SLED riding!

Kallyn really LOVES her tummy and rolling around,
she gets many places by rolling and she can scoot forward and back....
ANY day now she'll be crawling-- she gets up on all fours but
hasn't quite figured out how to creep....
Daddy encourages her and tries to teach her how to crawl-
mommy discourages daddy from this and reminds him that she
would prefer Kallyn stay a BABY a while longer,
and less mobile would be good too!

Kallyn is such a pretty baby,
she can pull off any look;)

Lately baby Kallyn loves to JUMP!
In her excersaucer, while your holding her, and as
you can see on the trampoline with cousin Parker!

I got my first "boo-boo".
I was trying to help daddy grill on auntie Sarah's
brick patio.... I thought dad might be overcooking the burgers
so I jumped off my chair in an attempt to save them
and ended up with some pretty good skid marks on my nose.
Daddy was proud, it was a tough fall but I only cried 20 seconds!

We got to visit the pumpkin patch in New Prague.
I picked out my own pumpkins, 
can you imagine- the small "pie pumpkins"
were my favorite! 

I'm really into backhoes, bobcats, and combines!
Daddy has taken me out farming with Beans a few times
in the combine and Jake has let me try out his bobcat around our place too!
My mommy made me a sticker chart- daddy drew a bobcat on it....
they keep telling me that I can earn stickers for going potty on the big boy potty-
and when I fill up all ten boxes they will let me have a toy bobcat that
I cried hysterically over because I couldn't take it home!
Very motivating...I'm half way there and each time I sit on the potty I tell them.....
"me get a bobcat!"

8 months old!

  Looking like a little man again!
Mommy hates to cut my hair,
even daddy likes is "shaggy!"
but when it covers my eyes it means
it's time to trim it up!