Tuesday, February 4, 2014

winter wonderland....

As usual time is flying and I continue
to be a busy body....
learning so many things
and growing up WAY TOO FAST.

I can now say the following names:
Abby, Emme, Lacey, Bop Bop,
Fuzzy, Beans, Bryn, & Brecky
and of coarse- Papa, Daddy, Mommy, Grandma....
My vocabulary is becoming quite extensive
and I'm getting really good at repeating.
I can say help, tractor, shovel,
kitty, puppy, cow, baby, belly, up,
please, thank you, mine, block,
cheese, treat, and SO much MORE

Lately Mommy has been working some extra
shifts and getting in some extra classes
before the baby comes so most weeks
I've been going to daycare all 5 days.
I don't mind because I love daycare and
being around other kids, it's a good routine for me.
But once baby gets here we'll get back to the
usual 3 days/week and I'll get to spend
2 weekdays home with mommy & baby.
Daddy is REALLY dreading getting TWO
of us ready in the mornings, he says I'm
quite the handful to chase around
most mornings.
I'm also becoming mr. independent and
wanting to do many things for myself,
I get pretty bucky if you try to offer me help
when I'm adament to do things on my own.

At home I still sleep really well in my crib,
therefore- me and the baby will each have
our own crib (thanks to Brandon and Abby,
I won't have to share!)
I still go down like a dream most nights,
typically around 10:00pm. I sleep through
the night and my usual wake time is 7-7:30am.
If someone will snuggle me and feed me milk in
the mornings then I will usually sleep in until 9am!!

I love hanging with my cousins, even if they're girls!
They have fun toys like this princess phone--
I just love to talk on telephones.
Plus look at this sweet ride,
I'm rocking this hot pink babie-mobile!

They even have fun dress up clothes,
check out these high heels!

It's not too often we get family photo shoots
anymore so mom's gotta sneak a selfie
in when the opportunity arises!

And here's the other growing baby in
my mommy's belly...
Whoa- that baby sure takes up a lot of room!!

It's fun to play dress up in mommy's closet too-
I mostly like to try on her hats, headbands,
and jewlery!

I occassionally get to take tubbies in this swirly tub,
although I'm not real fond of the swirlies!
but I do have a fascination with turning the water
spouts on, which mom doesn't prefer.
If she won't help me up I'm resourceful
enough to find my own way to reach things
that I'm determined to get at!
I stacked these boxes of soap and climbed
right up, voila!

                                                     My mommy, daddy, and I went on a
                                                       family vacation to the Holiday Inn
                                                           waterpark hotel in Owatonna,
                                                    I had lots of fun swimming in the pool, 
                                                  playing in the arcade, and running through
                                                  the halls/riding the elevator! I made supper
                                                 especially exciting when I pushed a small piece
                                                   of my fruit loop up my nose to the point
                                                of no return-- mommy couldn't see it anymore
                                                     and couldn't get me to blow my nose to
                                                    make it come out-- she thought for a while
                                                we were going to have to make our first ER visit
                                                  but luckily a snot avalanche broke loose and
                                                                             out it came!

                                                                    I love pop-tarts,
                                                      luckily I didn't have to wait 30 minutes
                                                          after eating to get in the water!
                                                                   I think the most fun part
                                                     about the water park was the spouts that
                                                                    shoot water up in the air!
                                                                 Oh, and my water gun!

Daddy took me down a really big
water slide in a tube like this,
the look on my face convinced mom
that I wasn't a fan!

But I didn't mind this little water slide,
I even went down by myself!

The tubby in the hotel room proved
to be just as amusing!

Mommy and daddy thought I might
be fascinated to see the neat animals
at cabelas... little did they know this
display model trike would hold my
attention and keep me entertained
to a much further extent than those animals!

Mommy's been on daddy's case to get a few
last minute projects done around the house so
she can continue to make room for the baby....
so a man's gotta do what a mommy tells him to do--
Here daddy and I are making some shelves and
storage space for all mommy's junk!

and here we are setting up
the baby's crib-- although,
I much rather preferred to play in it!
                                                           I really like kitties and puppies,
                                                          at auntie Manda's house I get to
                                                                       play with both!

There's no MN temperature too cold for me.
I LOVE outside, the cold doesn't even
phase me. I could spend HOURS outdoors, even
on the coldest of days-- and I have!
I willingly bundle up the minute mommy
tells me I can go outside,
there's no fuss to getting my outside gear
on when I know where I'm headed!

I love to drive daddy's forklift....
take a ride in the sled....
but most of all my favorite is to shovel!

This past weekend I even got to take
my very first snowmobile ride with daddy!
(thanks for borrowing me the helmet Lacey!!)

I sat really good and enjoyed the ride-
we rode all the way to Beans' house!
I don't think it's ever taken daddy 30 minutes to
get 3 miles on a snowmobile before but he made
sure to be extra safe with me in tow!
and I even got to ride on the cat cutter with
the girls at the farm-- I'm so lucky
to have so many fun toys to choose from!

But all that outside air makes me REAL TIRED!

Here I am doing my best look-alike impression
of Grandpa Beer!
I grew me a mustache for this occassion!

any day now my little brother or sister will
be arriving, we can't wait to see
whose been hiding in mommy's belly all these months!

Hopefully I'll approve and want to keep
him or her around a while!

but for now I think mommy's belly is the safest
place for that baby:)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New EVERYTHING:)

Christmas was SLIGHTLY more exciting this year;
Can't really say opening presents is "my thing"
but what's cool about Santa coming to my
house is that he leaves his presents unwrapped
and ready to play with:)
He left me this cool race car table and about
10 new hot wheels cars, all of which I needed
mommy to open right away- one after another,
so I could inspect each one for JUST a moment
and zoom across the table, then onto the next!
I got LOTS of cool goodies from
all my aunts, uncles, cousins,
and grandparents so thanks everyone for
spoiling me!

And I found this table is good for more than just cars;
it's fun to climb on and jump off of too!

Here I am inspecting this thing they call
a "stocking"- santa apparently left
some goodies in here too on his stop!
Speaking of stocking, one of my new
favorite words is "pew" and I like to
take off/attempt to put on socks/shoes....
not just my own, I cater to mommy and daddy
too and help them out, sometimes even try to
squeeze mommy's shoes on daddy
and daddy's socks on mommy- "pew" :)

I got this cool new shovel for christmas
so I thought I'd make good use of it
and give it a test run,
hey I gotta keep up with the Beer Boys
so I might as well get in "work mode"
from the get go!
Us boys got things to accomplish,
nothing stands in our way!

Here's a photo that tells a little about
some of my aspirations:
I WILL be a studly cowboy someday,
I already got the look down now I just need the mule!
And I think grandma/grandpa Kuehn will arrange that for me!

Next on the list: I WILL be a GREAT big brother soon,
I LOVE baby dolls right now,
I like to cover them with their blankies ("nana")--
just not my nana's, they need their own, I'm not
great about sharing my nana's, that's another
word I'm good at- "MINE"!

And finally someday I hope to be an
amazing DADDY, just like my daddy.
He's the BEST, he's always playing with me
and keeping me entertained.
We learn lots of new things together,
mom thinks it's great MOST of the time
when I learn new things from daddy,
however, she hopes there's SOME habits
of daddy's I don't pick up on, ever!

Of all the great toys I have, my favorites continue to
be the ordinary, undiscovered objects
that are around the house.
For example this contraption makes
for hours of fun and excitment!

I'm getting REAL good at stacking and sorting;
lately I've taken a real liking to BLOCKS.
Doesn't matter the shape, size, or color, I like them all!
If they are the wooden blocks they have to be lined up
with the color side all facing up,
Mom's already noticing I'm particular about order
and I'm good at cleaning up as long as we do it MY WAY!

I think my favorite christmas treat this year
was Auntie Denise's frosted sugar cookies...

Or should I say the frosting!

Occassionally I'd sneak a bite of cookie
in with the frosting, but first things first-
scrape the frosting and savor the best part!

Case in point: another good use
for this "ordinary gadget" put
to play as a fun and entertaining toy

Now THIS is my kind of sledding!
Indoors with wheels!
Mommy and daddy attempted to take me
sledding down a hill but I didn't much
care for it.
Then they thought I would LOVE being pulled
behind grandpa's bobcat on a sled...
wrong again.
Instead I simply liked driving the bobcat
with dad and even better was pushing
snow with Grandpa on the tractor!

This is one option we didn't yet try-
I bet it would have been fun to
hook a sled up to this mule and go
for a ride!! Maybe next time!

My latest obsession: "BELLY"
Not only do I love to say the word "belly" but
I love to pull everyone's shirt up to see their belly
for myself.
It started when mommy kept pointing to her
belly and saying "baby"....
I kept looking, but just haven't found it yet-
the baby that is. Her belly button on the other hand
is sticking out so far these days, that it can't be missed!
But now I like to inspect everyone's belly,
I also like to poke it and see if it can be
put back in place like mommy's!
So if you hear me squeal "belly" just beware,
I won't be satisfied until I SEE your bare belly
and have a look-see myself!
One day I'm sure I'll find this baby mommy keeps
talking about;)

Speaking of baby....
I guess mommy's car wasn't going to be big enough
to support our whole family (and her shopping habits)
for much  longer.
So we made the plunge and upgraded to this nifty toy!
MAN do I LOVE it! you should see all the BUTTONS!
I made sure to test out each and every one myself.
I didn't want to take anyone else's word that they were
fully functioning, I needed to take control in my own
hands and also test drive it to make sure it would be
safe for the baby. I gave it a passing grade so we got to take
it home! and now I get to sit forward facing too, it's a whole
new exciting world!

And after our big purchase we celebrated with
the Schmidts'! I think they were worried our new purchase
broke my bank account because
they treated us to a delicious, fancy meal!
How embarassing, I don't think I'm supposed
to be letting me girlfriend treat me to fancy suppers
but hey, I'll take it while I can get it and
hopefully pay her back with MANY more someday!

Mommy's really into these things called hats so
                                             I thought I'd help myself and give them a try too!
Put it on all by myself, styling if I do say so!
I don't know why she doesn't wear it this way!

Stay tuned for more updates on what's to come
for the BEER family in the NEW year!
Life is bound to take a turn when we welcome
the NEW baby!

Mom's not nearly as fond of her "BELLY"
as I am but since she shared pics
of me when I was in her belly I talked
her into letting me share one of this baby
so he/she won't feel left out someday!