Friday, August 12, 2016

SuMMeR LoViN' ......having a blast! Happened so Fast!

Still a work-horse like his grandpa, can always count
on this kid to lend a helping hand!
dress up fun at creative playplace!
A great place to explore your imagination!

These two hams always entertaining each other, and me:)

These two hunny bunnies enjoying their


a peek into the future:
Brecken cruising the girls around!
He's definitely not too proud to drive a pink Caddy!

their version of santa's reindeer pulling the sleigh....
Brecken makes a great Rudolph, not sure about
Kallyn's potential as Santa!!


Perhaps she's with the band....
or IN the band?!

Always enjoys cruisin'

A harmless game of doctor.... I think;)

This picture explains her completely,
I guess I should be glad she chose to wear
her helmet this time!

I didn't think this was a great idea,
but apparently they did-
having too much fun
in a very amusing way!

these kids were eager on Mother's Day to check
out the lake....cold water doesn't scare them away!
their first ride on safari animals!
WILD ride for WILD kids!

Adorable "BIG" kids!

they still enjoy bathtime together, in my tub of coarse!
With LOTS of bubbles:)

Found some dirt to play in....

Happy 40th anniversary to the Beer grandparents!

and glad you made it through your
first communion Nate-O!

a creepy look into the future:
Brian's face, Brecken's body!
He better grow into that mustache;)

Parker's #1 wrestling fan!

the Kamp Dels kids observing longingly at the
 soon-to-be new waterpark!

Happy 4th Birthday Brecken!

Thank goodness for a willing driver to cruise these
crazy cats around!

LOVE these girls funny faces and priceless expressions!

lifeguard ON duty!

Como Zoo date with the Whiteis'

look like each other, still don't know
which parent they look like though!

Happy Independence Day!

A great feat for this kid this summer,
mastering the monkey bars!

The Kamp Dels crew enjoying the new waterpark!

Enjoying Fun Times with
Grandpa Pete and Grandma Mary Nytes,
thanks for the hospitality and
entertaining these rugrats!



Learning and playing all at once
at the Children's Museum!

More Kamp Dels fun
with our second family!

easter in august at kamp dels

The kids' first hand at fireworks!

she loves to dress up!

one cat lover and one freezie lover:)

The BEER girls