Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ho-Ho-Ho.....Merry Christmas

As you can guess we too have hit the
frozen infatuation,
Brecken only insists on watching
it at least 10 times/day....

He is constantly referring to his friends:
Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Christoff and the Donkey
which are characters on Frozen...
apparently those "kids" as he refers to them 
are coming to our house to play! 

This is her attention getting mechanism,
if she really wants something she'll come
grab your leg, scream/cry, try to climb up
you and beg until you cave.....
unfortunately it works:(

10 months old!

and still our happy, silly,
easy-going girl!

love these moments!

Great helper in the kitchen!
Her shirt says it all:
Will Work for COOKIES!

Brecken is always watching and helping his daddy cook....
Brian hopes Brecken aspires to be a chef someday so
he can live vicariously through him!

This is the infamous
"heavy Hector" look!!
Heavy Hector is a character on Thomas the Train
and Brecken often inquires....
'you know what heavy Hector do?'
followed by this insanely cute look that
makes anyone smile!

He's very loving and takes good
care of his babies!

Chrimstmas 2014

Think we have enough presents?!

Someone insisted on sleeping with his tractor!

Kallyn likes to run the show, she
was a little upset that Brecken's new
excavator was the center of attention
and not her!

This little man remains
obsessed with diggers, trucks, trains, etc...
Happier than he looks that Santa brought
him a big excavator....
the big pontoon he had requested didn't
fit in Santa's sleigh this year:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ALWAYS something to be THANKFUL for!

Well this "little miss" as I now call
my baby sister Kallyn is really on the go.
In no time at all she went from crawling,
to pulling herself up, to climbing stairs...
She chases me around with her little
frog- hop crawl but soon she'll
be running after me!


Mommy had one thing on her x-mas
list this year (well really, for the past 2 yrs!)
and daddy decided to deliver....
PILLARS for the house, FINALLY!
They still need to be painted but
this is one huge improvement!

Mommy and daddy had their first overnight
date away from baby Kallyn:

Food for thought....
I'm an "ok" eater:
I really like noodles, chicken nuggets,
waffles, cereal aka marshmallows,
and even some big boy food
like steak and pork!

Still a card at 9 months,
keep the smiles coming:)

Kallyn likes to put everything in her mouth....

she's finally catching on to this "real food"
thing and taking an interest in
feeding herself....

and then I introduced her to
Man, she didn't know what she
was missing out on until she got
her dirty little paws on my cookie!

I'm a good big brother though and share:
I eat the creamy center and save the
chocolatey gooey - ness
for her!

Don't let this picture fill you full of sh**
I am TRYING to potty train
with a 10% success rate!
And the 10% is usually only when
treats/rewards are involved;)
Some day I'll conform to the
big boy world!

love my sister!

Mom relishing in the moments....

Trucks, Tractors, and Trains
are still my favorite by far!

Cousin Love!

Christmas came a few weeks early at the
Beer house....Daddy couldn't bear
to be outdone by Santa Claus;)
A combine and snowmobile,
all a 2.5 yr old boy could want and more!

The best part of the
is spending time with
the GREAT's!


I particularly enjoyed playing
in the snow and sledding with
my cousins at Grandpa Kuehns!

And Kallyn as you can see
is sharing mommy's love
of Aunt Cindy's special K bars....
the K stands for Kallyn, right?!

tribute to "movember"
or just another daddy look-a-like
in the making!

Lots of love,
Brecken and Kallyn