Monday, April 4, 2016

SpRiNg AhEAd

Here we are again playing catch up....
the last 6 months once again have gotten away from us!

love that heavy hector face!
so cute!

DOWN home!
Lots of fun memories at
Kuehn Land Ranch this year!

mommy/daughter look alike 
for Jenny's bridal shower

fun in the mud!

and an introduction to the RIVER!

caught on camera!
Takes after her dad!
Guess we won't be letting Syd babysit 
anytime soon;)

hard working man, and always willing to help a friend out,
gets that from his dad!

and the sensitive side that comes from mom....
going through his baby phase!

Jesse James Days 2015

Fun at the Children's Museum of Mankato

dress up fun with friends:)

Fun Run :)

Brecken is adament about loading
the Schmidt's gator up and bringing it home!

finishing up our year at Kamp Dels 
with some of our favorite past-times!

gearing up for football season ;)

a trip to Emma Krumbees!

this girl loves ice cream,
ALMOST as much as her mom!

Big brother entertaining his sister

Griebel Wedding 2015

happy birthday Coley:)

First trip to Sever's Corn Maze,
only lost 1 kid!
luckily found him!

October 2015:
TEXAS bound!

Brecken's chores in TX were taking care of the pups....
and apparently his sister too!

they're first adventure sleeping in the same bed!
they cuddle so nice!

such a little sport in the airport
at 0600, always entertaining!

these boys fared well on the flight....

this girl: not so much :(

Kallyn's first painting experience!
she cried when she looked in the mirror!

ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Halloween 2015

Daddy teaching Brecken
who is insistent he can do it himself!

Great memories at Great Grandpa Kuehn's

starting to enjoy dress-up

storytime, compliments of Grandpa Beer

getting geared up for winter!

thanksgiving 2015

holidazzle 2015

family outing, cutting down
our christmas tree

visiting Great Grandma Dolly!

this girl loves her hats!

their latest hobby is finding all the change jars and filling up their piggy banks!

Sibley Park 2015

holiday train 2015

our stay at Edgewater and 
Bentleyville with the Whiteis Family!

we walked 3+ miles to canal park on
a rare warm December Day in Duluth!

mission accomplished..... a peaceful lunch at Grandma's!

fresh air and swimming does a body good!

a train lover's dream come true!

decorating Xmas Cookies

celebrating Uncle Eddie's heavenly birthday

Red Lobster....appetizing!


wrapping up a precious gift!

Decorating the Ginger Bread House....
aka eating the ginger bread house!

visiting the GREAT'S :)

ice castles 2016

doing their nails!

Celebrating Grandpa Beer's b-day

Brian's famous mustache,
I'm such a lucky girl!

Kallyn turns 2

this girl loves her some food

a preview of what my husband will look like in 30 years!
father like son

A reckless game of spin the bottle, less learned: booze makes your head hurt.

these kids LOVE to play in mud

another Ginger bread house assembly

peace, 'merica

this guy loves babies, proud cousin


decorating Gma's birthday present and cupcakes

hoping to get over her nuk fetish soon.....