Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fast-Foward to FALL.....

My oh my,
life just keeps passing us by....
the days come and go so quickly
and it's all mom can do to get a few
pictures of us as we're changing so FAST!

I really enjoyed the fairs once again this summer....
I liked the animals and despite the somber look on my face
I REALLY did enjoy the rides.... in fact I'm not good at
outwardly SHOWING my excitement. I take it all in with
a straight, grim face and when the fun is all over then I cry
for more or talk incessantly for days about the fun events
I've recently experienced!
Love the helicopter ride best!
but how could I forget about the tractors?!
Real or pretend.....tractors are always a favorite of mine!!

I got mom all worked up, due to my past track record of enjoying
rides at the fair she decided to buy the unlimited wristband....
to her dismay I SCREAMED on the first ride they put me on and
mommy reluctantly tried to get a refund as she obviously was convinced
I wasn't going to have anything to do with the rides.
Of coarse there was "no refunds" so mom did her best to bribe me
into riding on the rides....well-- 2 hours later of repetitive carnival kid rides,
half accompanied by mom and dad made mother satisfied that
INDEED, we got our money's worth;)

Now Kallyn, she's my opposite.
She OUTWARDLY shows her excitement,
in fact- she smiles and laughs at just about
Her smile illuminates the room,
she is SUCH a HAPPY baby:)

You see- Kallyn and I have gotten to be pretty good buddies....
she's accustomed to my rough and tough ways,
and I have learned to tolerate a little hair pulling and drool!
My favorite name for her is "baby girl"
but I'm also getting the hang of referring to
her as my "sister"!

Love any machinery really, backhoes- dump trucks- bobcats- skidsteers,
I can identify them all, in fact sometimes mommy has to ask me
what they are because she doesn't even know!
I could watch any of those diggers at work for hours....
and if we pass one by parked at a job site I
INSIST that we must stop to observe!

Here's our latest purchase: a seasonal camper
at KAMP DELS in Waterville, MN

Mom and dad were adamant to find ways to spend some
quality FAMILY time together and we certainly found it.
We bought this camper around Labor Day and have been there
It's nice because it's so close to home (only 20 min)
so on the busy weekends filled with events we can enjoy
the best of both worlds.
Dad really feels like he's on vacation when we're here--
he gets to do some of his favorite things like grill, drink beer, and
play with us!
Come Monday he's already yearning for Friday so we can head back to the camper!!
It's going to be really sad to winterize and say goodbye until springtime but
at least we have LOTS to look forward to!

Kamp Dels has LOTS to entertain us with:
3 kid friendly parks, a water park, pool, lake, petting zoo, mini golf....
I love to ride my bike and the neighbors are friendly with LOTS of kids
to play with. We absolutely LOVE it!
Best move we've made, hands down:)
Please feel free to come visit us anytime,
you're sure to find us here every weekend starting April thru October!

I've given my cribby up to Kallyn and upgraded to
"my big boy bed"....
the transition overall went better than expected although
I've recently decided I like to wake up and wander to the couch
or hallway floor, wherever I land first:)
It's not unusual for mom or dad to trip over me cuddled up in the hallway
with my nani (blankey! which I still am inseperable from!!)
And whether or not I sleep through the night is randomized,
most nights when Kallyn decides to sleep good I make up for it by getting up a couple times,
and when I decide to give a nice long stretch then Kallyn is typically hungry a few times that night;)
and when Dad's on duty we ALL sleep through the night......
hmmmm, funny how that works?

Still love tractor rides and talk lots about
grandma and grandpa KUEHN! aka
gma and gpa "Teen"

Last time we visited home mommy caught great gpa
showing great gma  a little LOVE:)
Perfect moment captured on camera....
and the perfect depiction of these two
amazing people:)

My favorite treat is frozen go-gurt.....
I'll always finish this treat even if I have to
take a break in between bites;)

There's that happy girl again!!
I bet your smiling just looking at her!

It's that time of the year-
fall, pumpkins, and soon
I'll be preparing Kallyn for
SLED riding!

Kallyn really LOVES her tummy and rolling around,
she gets many places by rolling and she can scoot forward and back....
ANY day now she'll be crawling-- she gets up on all fours but
hasn't quite figured out how to creep....
Daddy encourages her and tries to teach her how to crawl-
mommy discourages daddy from this and reminds him that she
would prefer Kallyn stay a BABY a while longer,
and less mobile would be good too!

Kallyn is such a pretty baby,
she can pull off any look;)

Lately baby Kallyn loves to JUMP!
In her excersaucer, while your holding her, and as
you can see on the trampoline with cousin Parker!

I got my first "boo-boo".
I was trying to help daddy grill on auntie Sarah's
brick patio.... I thought dad might be overcooking the burgers
so I jumped off my chair in an attempt to save them
and ended up with some pretty good skid marks on my nose.
Daddy was proud, it was a tough fall but I only cried 20 seconds!

We got to visit the pumpkin patch in New Prague.
I picked out my own pumpkins, 
can you imagine- the small "pie pumpkins"
were my favorite! 

I'm really into backhoes, bobcats, and combines!
Daddy has taken me out farming with Beans a few times
in the combine and Jake has let me try out his bobcat around our place too!
My mommy made me a sticker chart- daddy drew a bobcat on it....
they keep telling me that I can earn stickers for going potty on the big boy potty-
and when I fill up all ten boxes they will let me have a toy bobcat that
I cried hysterically over because I couldn't take it home!
Very motivating...I'm half way there and each time I sit on the potty I tell them.....
"me get a bobcat!"

8 months old!

  Looking like a little man again!
Mommy hates to cut my hair,
even daddy likes is "shaggy!"
but when it covers my eyes it means
it's time to trim it up!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

6 months in the MaKiNg! Catching up on LIFE! excuses: plain and simple, life has been BUSY!
A wee bit overwhelming at times, a few changes here and there....
My baby sister is FINALLY here and I have OFFICIALLY
welcomed and accepted her as part of the family!
She's a really good baby, WAY better than I was,
but she still gives daddy a hard time-- cries in the evening
hours for daddy when mommy's at work.
(she can't be perfect can she?!)
Oh yeah, and about that: Mommy got a new job while on maternity
leave; an unexpected job venture turned up that mommy decided
to try out....mommy has realized it's not easy adjusting
to new schedules and now being the "newbie", overall she likes
her new job, misses her old friends/co-workers, and is most
importantly realizing she likes spending time with
ME AND KALLYN more than she likes working.
This is a new concept for mom since work has always driven her
and given her meaning in life, now us kids are taking precedence.
SO-- she MAY just wind up taking a clinic job for the duration,
a new job opportunity is in the making that would allow her
to spend more time with me and Kallyn AND daddy too!
and also allow her to work "normal people hours",
daddy's hoping she doesn't have to work nights anymore because
Kallyn really doesn't like daddy to put her to bed AND because
daddy says mommy doesn't always "recover" well coming off
night shifts and she gets pretty bossy and grumpy-
We shall see what turns up of this...
but in the meantime, get comfy and take a seat if you're
ready to reflect and catch up on the past 6 months of our
crazy, beautiful lives!
This is before Kallyn arrived,
mommy and daddy (aka Brian, I have learned
I typically get daddy's attention quicker if I
refer to him by his first name like everyone else does,
so most days he's Brian to me, but still my daddy!!)
tried to prepare me for this new baby that was going to be coming,
we didn't know she was going to be a girl until she got here...
however, I was a little skeptical of a baby interrupting
my perfect, playful life.
Maternity photos compliments of my pseudo auntie:
Manda Whiteis




My friend Devin was telling me how great it
would be to have a brother or sister,
he says if I get into trouble I can just
blame it on the baby....
I guess having a baby around might not be so bad afterall!

Now I'm started to get excited, someone to take the
heat off me when I'm causing a little ruckus!
I'm ready for this baby--
hurry on up and get here so we
can play and you can distract everyone
while I have some fun!

She's HERE!!'s a GIRL!
Kallyn Eleanor Beer was
born at 4:02 am
on Wednesday February 12, 2014
Mommy was scheduled for induction on this very day at 7:30 am
but no induction needed, just a little complaining and coaxing;)
Mommy worked right up to the very day that Kallyn arrived,
in fact she came home from work a little early Tuesday Feb 11th feeling
a little guilty that she didn't spend the whole day at home with me,
as I soon was going to have to share the attention and it was my last
official night being an only child!
She complained to daddy that she was certain this baby was going to come
all on it's own and was bummed that she was going to be induced,
she was really hoping the baby would decide when it wanted to come
and choose it's own birthday!
Well just ask and you shall receive--within 20 minutes of having this
conversation with daddy, mommy was wrestling around with me and POP,
her water broke and this was officially my last night as an only child!
They hauled me off to grandma Beer's house, leisurely packed up their bags,
and headed to the hospital as the contractions progressed.
Mom's water broke at 6:30pm, they arrived at the hospital around 10:00pm,
and by 4:02am, after only 3 pushes---Kallyn arrived.
Mom said her labor was "textbook perfect", a COMPLETELY opposite
experience than what I put her through....
I can't wait a few years for mom to realize that I
gave her a rough time in the beginning
only because later in life I'd be the easy child....
Kallyn on the other hand is fooling mommy and daddy by making a peaceful
entrance to the world and showing off all her smiles, coo's, and happiness--
little do they know she's going to show them her difficult side in a few years!
You just wait......she's sweet now but time will tell
who the "good child" really is;)
But I'll leave the sweet bit up to her now take full advantage
 of being a crazy, wild boy.
They'll appreciate my youthfulness in a few years when she grows into
a Crazier, WiLDeR girl!!
newborn photos complimentary
of the hospital!
Mommy was prepared this time and had
the props on hand!

I was born with lots of DARK almost black hair,
Kallyn on the other hand was born with LOTS of light hair!

already wrapping her little fingers around my Brian!

What better way to thank the staff that helped
bring Kallyn into the world than by celebrating
with an original "BEER CAKE" !
Root beer was appropriate for the hospital setting,
but mommy provided real beer for the nurses who
came to visit at home;)
Thanks for helping us POP!

My first encounter with this so-called BABY!
I'm not really sure what to think of her yet....
but it's sure fun to run around the hospital
and make a scene,
the nurses understand this is my coping
mechanism for the divided attention and decide
it's ok for me to run wild and free!

Going Home!
Mommy and Daddy cut their stay in the hospital
short, came home late the next night after having Kallyn.
They decided to let me enjoy my vacation at Grandma and Grandpa Beer's
as planned and ease into the first night at home with just baby Kallyn!


I came home the next afternoon to everyone
fussing (including me), over this BABY!

If I wanted to be of any help mommy said
I first needed practice, so here I am working on
changing MY baby!

All my cousins thought it was pretty cool
to have a baby around, so I fell into their lead
and warmed up to her too.

It's ok baby, I'm not going to hurt you.
I didn't realize Kallyn was going to have to warm up to me too.

but soon enough she did, and I really like to
"howd her momma" (aka hold her momma!)
but ONLY for a second or two at a time,
who has time to sit for hours and cuddle a baby?!
not me!

apparently these guys do though....
she put everyone to sleep.



Well it didn't take me long to master diaper changing:
especially when daddy said he'd pay me a quarter for
EVERY diaper I change....
man I'm gonna be rich!

Now, back to normal, everyday life!
Since daddy's not a hunter I had to learn
the tricks of the trade of shooting a gun from
Uncle Mike.

Brian got to spend a little extra time at home
when Kallyn first arrived, therefore mom
took FULL advantage and nagged him about
the unfinished work in our house until he got sick of
it and got productive.
I "helped" him put the base shoe on in the kitchen, but
ironically just when mom convinced him that the pillars
on the front of our house should be the next project
Brian got REALLY busy at work and has been ever since...
so the pillars will have to wait a few more years:(

I've really started enjoying BOOKS!
I read book EVERY night,
and I also like playing with my cousins,
I talk about them all the time and point to their
pictures on our fridge and say all their names.
I say their names SO much in fact that they all
wish that I would forget their names!

I may be showing signs that I'm getting ready for a big boy bed...
I still go down like a dream at my typical bedtime of 10:00pm,
but typically around 2:00am I'll yell out screaming until someone
comes to rescue me: I don't want them to take me far,
just lay down on the floor with me next to me crib....
just this morning daddy brought the mattress for my big boy bed
up to my room and laid it next to me crib....
stay tuned for updates on how the transition goes!
Ready or NOT?!

Kallyn is a really strong baby,
she LOVES tummy time....
I on the other hand HATED it!
she likes her bumbo so she can see
what's going on!
She holds herself upright really well!

I'm really taking a liking to my bike!
I can't quite reach the pedals yet but that
doesn't slow me down....I zoom zoom on my tiptoes
weaving through obstacles in the basement floor;
however, the outdoor terrain provides a tougher course
and I tend to get stuck a lot:(

I couldn't decide what was more important,
eating lunch or riding grandpa's mule:
luckily for me I didn't have to decide!
Meal on Mule sounds good to me.

Mommy just adores this hat,
a gift from our favorite doctor!
I though if I put it on mommy would
look at me with that same glowing face she
gives Kallyn when she wears it.....
well I got some smiles out of mom when I tried
it on but unfortunately I couldn't quite
squeeze into it.

I'm really good at chores,
I like to help "scoop poop" with grandma Kuehn.

I'm sporadic in my love for animals:
I talk about them and make animal noises CONSTANTLY,
but when I get close to them in real life they often times scare me.
Especially baby cows, for some reason I convince myself and daddy
that I'm going to pet them but the minute we come close to
uncle Brandon's farm I whine and repeat:
"don't want no cow, don't like baby cows"

This year was my first time hunting for Easter Eggs.
Overall a success, this year I didn't really care about
what was inside, I just wanted to find the eggs.
Next year may be a different story!

This is my typical look when my hair grows out.
It's always a hard decision to cut it for mom and dad because
they love my long locks....
who would imagine I'm such a timid, well-mannered boy
when I get my haircut, 3x now and every time I've sat
nice and still (that's bound to change!)

Always a sigh of relief for mom when it's over
to realize I'm still cute afterward,
just look more like a little man instead of her baby boy!

Tubby time is a little more cramped but I still
enjoy it nonetheless....
Kallyn is finally starting to like it too,
probably because I provide the entertainment!

Kallyn's Baptism Day
Kallyn is wearing the special baptismal gown
that our great-grandma Kuehn made.

baptism day also fell on Mother's day!

Father's Day!
Like Father, Like Son.
We spent the day at Bray Park in Madison Lake!

The sights in our yard are still quite entertaining,
I now can spot the turkeys and deer all on my own!
But mom and dad don't always know if I'm telling the truth
because I get so loud and excited when I spot them that they
typically run away before mom and dad catch a glance!

Always a smile on this girl's face!
Every day mom says, I just can't believe how happy she is!

I was pretty excited to spend some time with my Uncle Eddie
and Auntie Coley over mother's day weekend, they live really
far away in TX so it's fun to hang out and show them all my
latest tricks when they're home!
Happy Birthday TO ME!
I "helped" mommy make some cupcakes for my
2nd birthday! and when I say helped, I mean spread the frosting
aka: eat the frosting!

Lot's of excitement on my big day!
maybe a little too much for Kallyn;)

Low-key birthday spent at home with my cousins,
aunts/uncles, and grandparents.
My FAVORITE right now is TRACTORS,
hence the homemade tractor cake my mommy made!



Brecken 2 years

Kallyn 4 months
My pseudo uncle Jim scored me this awesome gator....
didn't take me long to catch on how to operate this guy-
I watch daddy.....hence can't drive without a beer in hand!

Thinking those beautiful blue eyes are
here to stay!
Along with the light strawberry-blond hair!
If she didn't look so much like me we may
wonder if she really was ours!
Me and Kallyn don't really look a whole
lot like mom or dad but we sure
do resemble each other!

Still a pro at diaper changes,
however I think the pay has decreased
or someone is forgetting to fill my piggy bank!

Now mom and dad are wondering if this is
my way of telling them I'd rather be a nurse
than a carpenter if given the choice?!

Nate was away for a few days so Brooke
decided to dress me up as her very own
mini Nate, she opted to keep me as I
was a much nicer, cuter brother!
She sure entertains me these days and
helps to take great care of me!

There's that happy, pretty baby again....
most people can't get enough of her!

We spent our Fourth of July
watching parades in St. Peter and Elysian,
playing at Lloyd's cabin, and watching
fireworks at daddy's cousins: Derek and Alissa Gibbs' house!
Then we headed to New Ulm to spend the night at "Gampa Teen's" house
and we got to spend the HOT sweltering day at Flandrau with
auntie Denise and cousin Parker!




BRIAN turns 30:)
Daddy insisted he didn't want a party for his bday bash....
but mommy knows he LOVES Osaka's...
she doesn't know what he loves best about it:
the food, the Saki, or the funny b-day hat....
but regardless he got to enjoy ALL of the ABOVE!
Maybe he enjoyed it all a little too much....
is there such a thing?!
Much for fun to celebrate with friends, hats
off to Jim Whiteis and Jenny Gramling who also
had birthdays in July who were good sports
about celebrating, along with everyone else-
especially our two expecting sober cabs, thanks momma's
for getting us there and back safely and patiently:)



thought twice about revealing our latest frequent visitor
but had to share this beauty!