Friday, May 19, 2017

Silver white Winter that melts INto SpRiNg:)

Picking back up after thanksgiving time 2016 was
our annual trip To BENTLEYVILLE
Christmas tour of lights in Duluth, MN

We enjoy our stay at the Edgewater Waterpark
and our growing clan of friend that join us!
The Whiteis, Nusbaum, and Schmidt families:)

Kallyn still remains a bit obsessed with Frozen,
especially Anna

We made just a few local Santa Stops this year!
The kids' lists are growing in number and price;)

Our FIRST Movie
we enjoyed the Secret Life of Pets
at the Mankato movie theater with the
reclining, comfy seats!

December 15, 2016
our annual BIRTHDAY celebration
and Balloon send-off for Uncle Eddie in heaven:)

Everyone loves a SNOW DAY!

And we keep rocking out the traditions:
Christmas Cookie decorating with the
Whiteis/Shouler Clans

A little more holiday baking and tasting!
Perhaps a bit more tasting than baking:)


Meeting the newest "Kuehn Cousin" Evelyn:)

snuggling her as her last night as  2 yr old:(

officially 3 and SaSSy:)

and with expensive taste$$

Happy 3rd birthday Kallyn!

Mom and Dad VACATION!

Brian's pole dancing skills;)
they were somewhat impressive:)

Breathless Resort
Cabo San Lucas 2017

you're never too big to fall asleep on grandma's lap:)


One of our favorite stops:
the Creative Playplace in St Peter!

Going to Grandma Kuehns.....
CoWbOy Up!

Kindergarten round-up!
One of these kids is excited about school, the other....
not so much:)

Their very first pet...
they couldn't even keep it alive for more than an hour;)

The day I finally realized by boy
is a little MAN:(
He can sure fill those work boots.

Another Favorite stop.....
Sibley Park in Mankato

Always a good time, so good you can barely stay awake
for supper on the go!

The look on his face when he found out Amanda's cats
had baby kittens.....

this boy loves him some kittens!

Brian's latest project.

And another year of camping begins at our #1
summer destination: Kamp Dels!

This kid requested a mohawk on haircut day....
he settled for the Fohawk but was a little disappointed
that he didn't truly come out with a mohawk!!

And this girl is now super obsessed with
She wears this outfit almost every day of the week!

PreSchool Graduation Day
May 18, 2017

Hope to Post before Kindergarten starts in September:(

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